Nations are the divisions of human population into groupings with a broadly-shared cultural, historical, constitutional, and linguistic (but not political) background.

Democratic units

They provide a vital function in maximising the chance that a democratically-elected government will implement policies that will have the broad support (or at least acquiescence) of the population. Consequently, it is a mistake to try to subsume nations within supra-national organizations, where the commonality between the peoples represented is diminished, and any interventions by the organization must therefore represent an unsatisfactory compromise between the various cultures.

Differentiation and homogenization

Nations can learn most effectively from each other by pursuing the policies that reflect the preferences of the majority of their populace, and comparing the outcomes with the different policies and preferences of other nations. If they move towards a common view through this process of experimentation and education, then they may gradually cooperate more closely on a voluntary basis, perhaps eventually to the extent of uniting under one government. But the process must be voluntary and progressive. It must not be forced.

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