Why us and not...

...one of the other parties?


  • We are being honest about the scale of the problems and the tough choices that need to be made
  • We aren't pretending there's a magic bullet that can solve our problems without difficult choices and painful cuts
  • Politics is the problem, not the solution, and we are making realistic promises to take things out of political control, as opposed to the unrealistic promises of other parties to manage things better under political control.
  • Our policies are based on principle, not on whatever the polls and focus groups say is needed to get elected.
  • If you don't vote for something different, you can't complain when you get more of the same.
  • A vote for one of the failed, mainstream parties is a wasted vote, because the parties won't tell the truth and take the tough decisions for fear of alienating the electorate, and career ambitions will make their candidates support whatever their party says.

More specifically, we have set out on separate pages some of the reasons why we are being more honest and realistic (if less politically-calculating) than each of the other parties: