The Freedom & Responsibility party constitution

  1. Name

    1. The party shall be called the Freedom and Responsibility Party.


  3. Aims and Objectives of the Freedom and Responsibility Party

    1. To promote individual freedom with responsibility;

    2. To promote small government and low taxation;

    3. To trust the people to take more of the decisions affecting their lives.

    4. To simplify the rules and incentives imposed by government.

    5. To create the conditions in which each person voluntarily makes the greatest contribution to society of which they are capable.

    6. To communicate the integrity of our policies so fearlessly as to change the preconceptions of political reality.


  5. Constitution

    1. Changes to the constitution may be proposed by the National Committee at any time, subject to approval by the membership by a ballot.

    2. Members may propose amendments to the constitution at the Annual General Meeting.


  7. Membership

    1. Membership of the Party is open to all UK citizens on the electoral register who broadly agree with the aims and objectives of the Freedom and Responsibility Party.

    2. Membership can be granted to anyone, whatever their ethnicity, religion or culture, who:

      1. has affirmed in writing his or her intention to join the Freedom and Responsibility Party;

      2. is not a member of any political party or body contesting elections in opposition to the Freedom and Responsibility Party;

      3. has paid the annual membership fee, as set by the National Committee. 

    3. The National Committee shall have the right to withdraw membership from any member who brings the party into disrepute or indicates that they no longer support the principles of the Freedom and Responsibility Party.


  9. Officers

    1. The Freedom and Responsibility Party shall have the following three officers:

      1. The Party Leader - who shall be responsible for the overall strategic direction of the party.

      2. The Treasurer - who shall be responsible for all financial matters and the party’s compliance with UK electoral law.

      3. Nominating Officer - who shall be responsible for authorising the party’s candidates to contest elections.

    2. Officers shall be elected annually by the membership of the party; should a position become vacant before an election is due, a by-election to elect a replacement shall be held amongst the membership.


  11. The National Committee

    1. The National Committee shall consist of the three officers. The role of the National Committee shall be to:

      1. Develop policy for the party;

      2. Develop strategy and tactics for the party;

      3. Prepare the party manifesto;

      4. Act as the arbiter and final decision maker in membership disputes.


  13. Policy

    1. It shall be the responsibility of the National Committee to develop and adopt policy for the Freedom and Responsibility Party including all election manifestos.

    2. Policy that is greeted by majority vote at the AGM shall be adopted by the Party.


  15. Annual General Meetings

    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held at intervals of no longer than fifteen months.

    2. The agenda and procedures for the Annual General Meeting shall be drawn up by the National Committee.


  17. Financial Scheme

    1. The finances of the Party are the responsibility of the Treasurer, reporting to the National Committee.

    2. The elected Treasurer shall have primary responsibility for keeping a proper set of books and have overall responsibility for the drawing and paying of monies and for all monetary transactions.

    3. The Treasurer shall present to the Annual General Meeting a financial statement.