Economy & welfare

Most of the people who are telling us how to fix our economy didn't see the Crash coming. They want us to believe that no one could see it coming, because, amongst mainstream politicians, academics, corporate leaders and the media, almost none of them did.

But, outside our new elites' cosy clubs and ivory towers, plenty of us knew things weren't right. We could feel that our lives weren't getting better, even if the economic statistics said that they were.

Some of us knew why, and tried to warn about it. But we had no platform, and if we ever got a chance to speak up, we were laughed down by the establishment.

So who are you going to trust to put things right now? The same old parties, with the same old academic apologists and corporate chearleaders, following the same old bankrupt economic philosophies in the service of the same old vested interests? Or outsiders, with a proven philosophy that predicted the Crash like it predicted previous downturns, and which provides the tough answers to why they happen and what to do about them. Are you going to go for more comforting lies, or face the facts?

The reality

Our economy has become increasingly unbalanced and over-burdened. We cannot put that right by trying to restore the economy to its former unbalanced condition. And we cannot correct it by loading even more public spending onto taxpayers.

A realistic budget requires tough decisions that enable us both to reduce the burden of government on the economy (e.g. cut or redistribute taxes), and to close the deficit before our government debt gets out of control (e.g. cut spending by even more than we cut taxes, and sell assets).

Problems to fix

We need a radical overhaul of the effect that government currently has on our economy, such as:


Our proposals, conversely, would aim to have exactly the opposite effects: