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To deal with our problems, we have to face up to reality. The truth can be painful in the short-term, but ignoring it causes more pain in the long-term.

The only difference between the career politicians of the established parties is the flavour of snake-oil they are peddling. They hope they can fool us into once again buying their same old patent medicines dressed up in new packaging.

We have had enough of being pushed around by people with little experience of life outside politics, who think they know what is best for us but usually make things worse. Freedom and Responsibility is a party for people who want to stand on their own two feet, face up to the truth, and start to make things better.

  • To promote individual freedom with responsibility;
  • To promote small government and low taxation;
  • To trust people to take more of the decisions affecting their lives;
  • To simplify the rules and incentives imposed by government;
  • To create the conditions in which each person voluntarily makes the greatest contribution to society of which they are capable; and
  • To communicate the integrity of our policies so fearlessly as to change the preconceptions of political reality.

Peter Prior headshotPeter Prior is standing in Maidenhead. Peter is a successful businessman with 45 years of experience of creating wealth. He also has 45 years of experience of the stupidity, perversity, ineffectiveness, inefficiency and downright harm caused by well-meaning but ignorant and complex government interventions. He believes that parliament needs a voice that understands the damage that government, in its ignorance, often does. He knows that what parliament does not need is a career politician who won't stick her head above the parapet for fear of seeming "nasty", like Theresa May, the current MP for Maidenhead.

Peter is holding a public meeting to launch his campaign, at Sheephouse Farm on Tuesday, 20 April from 6.00pm.

What difference can you make? Joining in

We have been consuming our wealth. We need to create more and consume less.

We need major changes to our incentives. We must:

Our flagship policy is the replacement of the current complex systems of personal taxation, government welfare, and provision of essential services, with a Basic Income and Flat Tax on personal earnings. This would have major benefits for all three of the above objectives, but is just the start of the changes we need to make.

If you want to indicate your support for tough measures, you cannot do that by voting for the mainstream parties. They are all chasing the notional swing voter in the middle ground.

If you vote for a mainstream party that does not represent your views, on the basis that you would rather they were in government than the others, you are giving a misleading impression of the support for middle-of-the-road policies that do nothing to fix our problems. If you do not vote for the party that most closely represents your views, you acquiesce in continued failure.

If elected, our candidates will have the freedom to stand up for the right policies. In a tightly-balanced parliament, a principled MP willing to demand tough measures will push the Government in the right direction, whereas a mainstream, careerist, relativist MP will help the Government to avoid the tough decisions.

Let the Government know that you want them to face the facts.


Become a member if you would like to join us in our efforts to promote radical policies for real change. Membership costs £50/year (subject to terms).


If you don't want to become a member or want to provide additional support, you can help to drive this agenda by making a donation.

Stand as a candidate

If you would like to promote our agenda in your area at the next election by standing as a candidate, let us know.

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