Constitution & administration

Say NO to AV

Politicians already promise what they can't deliver to win the support of enough voters to get past the post. Under AV, they'd have to promise even more to even more groups, to get their second-preference votes, meaning even more broken promises or even more expensive government. Once they were in, they would be under no more pressure to deliver than before. When the LibDems say that AV will make MPs work harder for more people, what they mean is that it will make candidates lie harder to more people. That may not bother the LibDems, but it bothers me.

Back to a European trading partnership

Like other members of the EU, Britain gains some benefits from the trading partnership. But the EU also imposes many costs. Currently, the costs greatly outweigh the benefits.

Head of State

A key feature that differentiates the UK from many more modern constitutions is the presence of an unelected Head of State (the monarch). Many people object to this as undemocratic and perpetuating privilege.

An established church?

The Church of England (CofE) is not the established church of the United Kingdom. There is no established church in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The CofE is established only in England, even though being established means being controlled by the state, and the state in question is the government of the United Kingdom, not the non-existent government of England.


The Conservative Party and the Lib Dems speak about increasing the devolution of responsibilities to local authorities (LAs) or county authorities, but do they really mean it?

It's quite easy to propose an increase in the areas where LAs provide services, but if they don't also propose collecting a large proportion of the funds required for providing their services locally, councillors will tend to make decisions that win them votes on the basis of ignoring the industrial interests of an area. There are few votes given by Directors and Shareholders.

Letting in the light on civil service spending

The government publishes vast quantities of information, and yet some of the most useful and important information is not amongst it. They provide an array of aggregated information about how they spend our money, but no specific information. We don't know how much is spent doing what. It's our money. We ought to know.

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