Peter Prior at Maidenhead's Hustings: Fighting for Britain's brighter future

Peter Prior at Maidenhead’s Hustings: Fighting for Britain’s brighter future

 Candidates contesting the Maidenhead and Twyford constituency were quizzed at a question and answer session at Furze Platt Senior on Thursday night, organised by Freedom& Responsibility’s party leader Peter Prior.


Advertiser editorial director Martin Trepte chaired the meeting, as the 4 candidates from the Labour, Liberal Democrats, BNP and Freedom& Responsibility party answered questions from the audience.

Peter Prior made clear that the measures announced by the three main parties are insufficient to tackle Britain’s deficit:

“Britain is going bust. We have to cut the size of government dramatically. The main parties are not being honest about the tough choices ahead, and still making promises we can't afford.”

With his request for substantial cuts to government spending in order to prevent a Greek-style economic collapse of Britain, the Freedom& Responsibility’s party leader won over the audience and proved that if you want change: vote for a candidate that is facing reality and fights for Britain’s brighter future.

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