Campaign Launch Event

Local Maidenhead businessman, Peter Prior, launched his campaign to be the next Member of Parliament for the area at a crowded meeting of local voters on Tuesday evening.  Peter’s new party, Freedom and Responsibility is calling on politicians to “face the facts”.

 In his passionate speech Prior stresses his aims: a radical cut in government expenditure free schools from political control and make Maidenhead a better place to live.

 In his address, Peter summed up:

“If you want an MP who will, without fear, pressure the government to face the facts and take tough decisions, then vote for me”.

 Local residents Victor Trim and his wife were impressed by Prior’s speech and the objectives set for Freedom and Responsibility.

Speaking after the launch, Victor Trim said: “Peter’s speech got me going!”  He is looking forward to support the party in the run-up to election day and at the polls.




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