Billboard vandalism

As the election campaign steps up a gear, the fight is getting dirty…..

Standing for election could be an expensive business, however with strict guidelines in place the budget allowed for the whole campaign including all marketing is fairly meagre, so decisions on what to spend it on are carefully thought out. 

We decided to apportion an amount of our budget on two billboards that we placed just off the A308 as you can see from the photos.  Admittedly it may have been shadowing the Conservative board slightly however as Peter controls this land, we think perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately after only a few days our billboard was vandalised in broad daylight, on Tuesday 27th April between 09.00 – 12.00.  It had been totally pulled out of the ground with the panel snapped and cable ties cut.   This was no mean feat as the steal supports were very firmly fixed into the ground.

 The funny thing was that whoever had done this had then neatly piled the signs and the steel supports behind the billboard of the Conservative candidate Theresa May – who was still standing and unscathed….

It is quite sad that such dirty tactics are used to try and win an election and that whoever the culprit, is that desperate they thing that taking down a photo of Peter will make a difference.

The good thing is that this shows we are starting to ruffle some feathers so long may it continue.

If you did witness anything untoward at time and place mentioned above, please do let us know so we can update the police.



あなたの結婚式のテーマは、単純にレースしているかどうか、またはあなたのレースのウェディングドレスがでうまく動作することをヴィンテージのテーマを持っているかどうか、それはあなたの結婚式のデザインにレースを組み込むことは容易である。伝統的に花嫁の母は彼女の子供ドレス,を購入すると、一度、彼女は彼女の選択をした彼女はスタイル、色、長さ、および#の程度についての彼女に伝えるために新郎の母を呼び出す必要がある最初のはずです形式。新郎の母は、その後花嫁のカラードレス 格安の母親を褒め同様のスタイルで何かを購入する必要があります

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